Praise for Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Dr. Carole Gedenberg Praises Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
“It’s like you’re having a conversation with one of your best friends…”

5-Star Reviews As Seen on Amazon

I work in the medical industry. Having Debra Jason’s book is like having an entire marketing department at my fingertips whenever I need them!

I first met Debra at her talk about LinkedIn and I learned more in the two hours listening to her than I had learned trying to learn LinkedIn on my own for the 6 months leading up to her talk. Since then, with her priceless suggestions in her “Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget” book, I have moved from internet newbie to blogger, and have seen our internet medical referrals up over 20%.

Chapter 2 … led to me starting a blog three days a week and have produced nearly 200 medical blogs with no outlay of expenditures except my time.

Chapter 8 … led to us posting on LinkedIn 3 times a week for free allowing us to expand out client base nationally and internationally. Our blogs are then being reposted by readers for free on Facebook, Google etc..

Chapter 13 … helped encourage my CEO and Medical Director to start their own blogs on subjects that mattered to them and their patients, tripling our content.

Debra’s “A Final Note: Conquering Your Fears and Going For It” has led to a 2016 new website launch to handle the internet medical requests from patients that are leading to more sales!

I have her book sitting on the corner of my desk and any time that I need a marketing consult or recommendation, I simply have to pick up her book and thumb to one of the many stickies I have marking her gems in the book! ~L., OD

I took this book with me on a cruise and thought I might not open it because a cruise can be distracting, but…I did open it and that was it! I was hooked! I have A LOT of upcoming video product launches this year and this book ROCKED with practical ideas, tips, tricks…actionable items for successful execution.

I find that many books on marketing talk a lot of strategy but few get down to the brass tacks of “how to” actually execute. If you are looking to market a product or service and don’t have the budget of a global company, this book is a must-have. If you want to get unstuck from the planning stage and move into implementation, Debra Jason will take you there. . . . For me this book equals Success!” ~T. McCleary

“Debra brings a heart and spirit to her work that is rare today. She’s not afraid to put herself out to make you feel welcome and part of her world. Her writing and speaking take her over mountains and through valleys yet she is completely at home in her own skin.

Do yourself and your company or organization a favor and jump at the chance to work with Debra. Be sure those you care about learn how to build their brand using the wisdom she shares in her book. Debra is gracious, generous, witty and truly radiates joy!” ~M. Reece

“I am a solopreneur with minimal marketing experience and I love this book! It is practical, easy to read and written in such an accessible voice, I felt like the author was sitting with me coaching me one step at a time. I found I could go to the chapter I was called to from the contents to get needed tips, or read it right on through and I learned a lot both ways. . . .

I strongly recommend this book to people new to marketing as well as those who are more experienced but looking for reminders. It is a clear, easy to follow guide that you can tailor to your own needs through the exercises at the end of each chapter. Thanks for making successful marketing doable both in action steps and on a budget!” ~S. Wilkinson

“It wasn’t all that long ago that I remember being a successful coach, but not as successful as I wanted to be. I knew that marketing was the problem; specifically, not knowing how to market myself and not having the disposable income to invest in a marketing coach. I really wish I’d had this book back then, because I would’ve used so much that’s in here.

Every entrepreneur, whether starting a business now or having years under your belt should be reading this book. Twenty years into my business, I’m going to be using several of the strategies in Debra’s book. To make it even better, it’s so cool to have a guide that’s real, heart-centered, and “road-tested!” I can’t recommend it highly enough.” ~G. Laughton

“As a television producer and director, and more recently an entrepreneur, my marketing and business acumen are almost non-existent. When I read Debra’s book she was able to illuminate and solve the main business issues I needed to address in order to achieve the results I desired. Her writing style is accessible and her astounding knowledge of the current marketplace are essential in navigating the complexities and challenges facing companies today. I highly recommend this book to anyone contemplating starting a business.” ~N. Chase

Millionaire Marketing is a wonderful book! I loved the great combination of easy-to-read combined with challenges to become better. It was a healthy mix of inspiration and motivation. I walked away from reading Debra Jason’s great book with some concrete ideas. Some of them will be easily to implement immediately. . . . Debra Jason takes her obvious actual experience and translates it into helpful tidbits for anyone trying to make business happen.” ~J. Jacobs

“It’s a godsend. I’ve already read 118 pages and scratched out 3 pages of notes on marketing and publicity. Debra’s book is full of practical tips, yet written in a comfortable, yet professional, style that takes the scary out of her topic. . . . I have a lot to learn from Debra’s experience and wisdom. Surprisingly, her book makes promoting a product seem like it could almost be fun. Bravo, Debra! You’ve created a perfect guidebook for anyone in business.” ~D. Duda